DC and NYC Travel Bargains
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Travel is cheap and fast, involving Washington DC and New York City

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***District of Columbia Government(Washington DC) has just announced: THERE WILL BE NO SALES TAX for 10 days, beginning Friday, November 23rd! ***In case you did not know; the wait at airport checkins are LEAST at Washington DC area airports, followed by NYC Airports in the US! (most reports are "no wait, I breezed right thru!")

*** Forget politics for a moment; if you have friends in DC or NYC -or otherwise affected directly by the WTC, or Pentagon Attacks, please call them, send them a card, letter, whatever NOW!

...I know that we are all somewhat depressed over Sept 11. It took me weeks to get back on a semblence of a track(I live in DC, which has it's own problems, with the reminder of the gaping hole in the Pentagon, and rerouting all over the place) ...-Survey says 4 out of 10 Americans are somewhat depressed, ...if you live in NYC: ...1. The smoke is still coming out of the WTC wreckage, and the smell permeates Manhattan. ...2. Every Firehouse has pictures of dead heroes pasted out front. ...3. Practically every public phone has a picture of a missing loved one with a # to call if you have any info. ...In other words, it is so tough on New Yorkers now that we can not imagine. ...-They showed the true spirit of America to us in New York City: -stay in touch with your NYC friends: they need us NOW !

*...-If you EVER thought of taking a trip to NYC or Washington DC, and spending a little cash. -NOW would be a GOOD TIME !!!
-In Washington DC, the local economy is dying quickly. Small businesses, Hotels, are all in danger of bankruptcy. Hotels usually full, are operating at about 20%.
~/~ -Let's show some American Spirit to New York City! & Washington DC~/~

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-Hotel Guides -Washington DC: HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE
***you may not know, both New York City and Washington DC Hotels are all at fantastic discounts, currently.