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How to Lose a War
"This is an administration that will let its special interests - particularly its high-rolling campaign contributors and its noisiest theocrats of the right - have veto power over public safety, public health and economic prudence in war, it turns out, no less than in peacetime. "

40,000 Pakistanis protest U.S.-led strikes on Afghan(AP)

-Osama Leaving

Taliban should be overthrown by the uprising of Afghan nation
The above statement is from RAWA ( -Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan ) & was pulled from their "documents section". You may have seen some of the spokeswomen on "Oprah" -as they say: "If you are freedom-loving and anti-fundamentalist, you are with RAWA."
* -In my opinion, Restoring Democracy in Afghanistan will require the "political savvy" & leadership abilities of RAWA Women: While the tough, and undefeated Northern Alliance, with their "weapons savvy" will be crucial to US ground forces; they are not well organized, or resolutely aligned with one goal. The Women of RAWA have ONE GOAL: RESTORE DEMOCRACY in Afghanistan!
* -Women, until 1996, in Afghanistan, lived under Constitutional Democracy. They were contributors to the work force on every level. The Taliban has, in effect, "put them under house arrest", and this has hurt everyone in Afghanistan.
* -We can hope that the Oil Pipeline, and Oil & Mineral resources in Afghanistan will be the source of a new boost to the economy of a new Democracy in Afghanistan . -Oil companies are lusting after it, and would use our US military for their own purpose.( *see "The oil behind Bush and Son's campaigns" -story, below )

Homeland Insecurity
A Sacramento journalist is taken into custody by police and forced to destroy photos by an over-zealous National Guardsman. Apparently, the terrorists are indeed causing instability.

Sign the "Defense Of Freedom Declaration"
This statement -- already signed by more than 150 organizations (including CDT), 300 law professors, and 40 computer scientists -- calls on lawmakers to consider proposals calmly and deliberately with a determination not to erode the liberties and freedoms that are at the core of the American way of life.

Was CIA Running Terrorist Flight School?

The money grubbing, so called "christian preacher"(small "c" intended) -Pat Robertson's Liberian Deal with President Taylor, "the plague of West Africa"
..."Charles Taylor has waged a continuous assault on the democratic dreams of the Liberian people. He rules by decree, he suppresses the press . . . and he sanctions, if not directs, the murder of political opponents. He and his so-called 'inner circle' control virtually all the nation's significant trade. . . . Liberia has been described as Charles Taylor Inc. This corporation is corrupt to its core."...

Tracking bin Laden's money flow leads back to Midland, Texas

On Chemical/Biological Weapons-

-Oct 26 Recent Acts of Domestic Terrorism
"...I am informed that Planned Parenthood, the National Abortion Federation and other clinics and offices have received threat letters that contain an unidentified powder at more than 130 locations around the U.S. The letters, received the week of October 15, claim to contain anthrax. Some of the letters mention the "Army of God," a group that has claimed responsibility for past attacks on women's health providers. It is also disturbing that the envelopes had false return addresses from the U.S. Secret Service and the U.S. Marshal's Office and read "Time Sensitive - Urgent Security Notice - Open Immediately..."

-Oct 24 Anthrax bacteria likely to be US military strain

Lack of Anthrax Database Cited
Toxins: Clinton's 1999 proposal that labs be required to list all their dangerous agents failed to win Congress' OK.

***Oct 19 -The Anthrax Strain in all locations is identified as "same source" & NOT "weaponized"***.
This lends substantial credence to the expert's analysis below, that the scare has been generated by US sources, -likely "US Backwoods Militias", or, as many now surmise, -perhaps the "covert actions" of Prescription Drug Companies, seeking profit for Drugs and Vaccines: * Note: -Drug Companies "Own" Congress
US Home Grown Terrorists
An open letter to Bush from LeRoy H. Carhart, M.D. Lt. Col., USAF, MC, (Ret)
US militia, not Osama behind Anthrax scare: Expert says
Clive Williams, a specialist in terrorism at the Australian National University (ANU) in Canberra, believes the evidence points to right-wing US militia. "I think the first instances of it, the ones involving media, were more likely to have been caused by extremist militia in the US who have shown an interest in anthrax in the past and tried to acquire it," he told AFP.
Backwoods militias suspected of being behind bio-war threats(-Anthrax)

Bush Administration Won't Allow Generic Versions of Drug -NY Times
Cipro is expensive -"...they did not take the more aggressive step of breaking Bayer AG's patent on Cipro and authorizing other drug companies to produce generic versions of the drug..."
Bioport Corp. -Exclusive License to Produce Anthrax Vaccine
This April '99 ABC News Article shows GOP "insider" Adm. William J. Crowe Jr., former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, is the most visible corporate director of the Bioport Corp., which manufactures the anthrax vaccine.

Experts say a bio-attack takes sophisticated science
On the Anthrax Cases in Fla -
To any didn't watch the experts on TV or listen on C-Span -10/4: it is virtually impossible for a crop duster to spread biological weapons: as a matter of fact, it even hard for a state sponsored facility to deliver such weapon. ie. Crop Dusters are set at 100 micron dispersal, to distribute effective bio(such as anthrax) it takes a 10 micron setting... Terrorists do not have this capability. As to Chemical Weapons, it would take huge amounts to pollute a water supply, and then the filtration systems that are normal would remove them. I think it's fair to know these facts, as we don't need false fears now.

We are all Victims now

Arrogance Spills Over In The White House
President George W. Bush and his Administration have brazenly, and mistakenly, decided that the American people will receive as little of the truth as possible about the war on terrorism -Aviation Week & Space Technology

From this tragedy, the whole civilized world comes together.
Pictures of the World's Empathy with the US, soon after Sept 11

BBC Latest Reports On Afghanistan
( Powell Mission -Daytime Raids -UN Says US Food Drops Are mainly Feeding Armed Taliban, & Threatening Children )

War Against Terrorism: Wealth Takes Advantage -Freedom Losing!

"There is nothing more disgraceful during a time of war for people to take advantage of it..."

Who's Going to Pay for the Terror Economy?

The New War Profiteers

America "raped again" with "incentives" for wealthy
Meanwhile, there is:
Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky's "First Things First" bill that would repeal some of the previous tax bill's tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans

Osama Bin Laden's Bush Family Business Connections
Osama Bin Laden's Bush family business connections, alliance with Pakistan, will stimulate drug trade, bring revenues under U.S. control - Colombian opium production will soar. The Taliban's biggest economic attack on the U.S. came in February [2001] with the destruction of its opium crop - Michael C. Ruppert

GOP Filibuster Blocks Aid To Allies, Medical, and Refugees

U.S. Froze $254 Million In Taliban Cash in 1999
-But State Dept. Continues to Block Using Assets for Terror Victims

Oct 11-12
* Altho it was wisely indicated that any anti-terrorism bill would require strict "money-laundering legislation" such as the one just passed by the Senate Banking Committee; Banks rushed to lobby against key provisions: *after all the rhetoric against money laundering by the white house, Bush seems happy with the new House bill, without the "laundering" provisions: could it be that there are concerns about what will be discovered in the FBI investigation of the Carlyle Group which includes principals in the Bush, & Bin Ladin Families, ex Sec of State Baker, and ex-Defense Sec. Carlucci ? ( stories below )
Banks Seek to Alter Bill ( Thursday )
* Under cover of darkness Thursday night, Attorney General, Ashcroft, met with key Republican leaders. They scrapped the bi-partisan bill that was carefully debated for weeks, and replaced it with a new bill, that was not read(but barely scanned by most House Members), submitting it for a vote on Friday. Judiciary Committee members said the new bill provided vastly expanded powers to law enforcement without the checks that they had insisted upon.
Bill OKd to expand anti-terror powers
* One of the important "checks" in the bill that was discarded, was judicial supervision of any "secret searches and wiretaps". Additionally, the 2years review was extended to 5 years. Today in the US congress there appears to be no will to defend the very freedoms Mr. Bush says we are fighting for. These actions are without precedent in US history and bear the gravest implications for the social fabric of the nation.
Panic On The Hill
* House Republicans on the Ways and Means Committee spent all day Friday ramming through a $100 billion tax-cut package filled with bonuses for corporations, wealthy Americans and others least in need of help. Republicans waited until 10:30 p.m. the night before to spring the bill on Democrats, reverting to the poisonous old practices of steamrolling legislation through and, this time, exploiting a tragic national emergency in the process.
Behind Our Backs! The Return of Partisanship

As we consider the bailout of Insurance Companies and Airlines(but NOT the individuals put out of work!), and the New 100 Billion Dollar Tax Break for the Wealthy: it is good to get some perspective from this Oct 2000 Article By ROBERT TRIGAUX:
Influence and bailouts a business tradition in Bush family

MORE Perspectives

The Bush Family War Profit Ties With Bin Laden Family

The Security States of America
Homeland Insecurity
Tom Ridge, Veteran of CIA's infamous Phoenix Program

Who will watch the watchmen?

Halliburton & KMNF Ink 12 Year Caspian Contract
Cheney's old Company( Halliburton ) appears to be readying for Afghan Oil Pipeline Exploitation: this falls right in line with:
The oil behind Bush and Son's campaigns

U S buys up all satellite war images
U.S. military buys rights to satellite images

The CIA's Greatest Hits!

Herb Block Dies, at 91 of Pneumonia(Oct 7,2001)

Herb Block, the renowned political cartoonist, -one of the kindest people that I have ever met. I drove him regularly to the Washington Post. I played all my newest recordings for him. He insisted on purchasing them all. Once I protested, "Herb! You already have most of the stuff on that tape: I'll get you a copy of the whole compilation, when it is complete." "Nope", he replied, "I want THAT tape!" It was useless to resist, he handed me a pile of bills(probably about $30) and I gave him the tape.
It was a few years of driving him back and forth, before I got to realize that he never forgot his friends, and anyone, from any walk of life, could be his friend. He was always glad to see you, and always interested in what life dealt you, personally. He was quick to respond to my semi-sophmoric humor with quips of his own. He was the sharpest political critic, and saw thru the artful deceptions of this era, quickly. I am very sorry that he had to go now, as we kind of need him, especially.
I only saw him a couple of times, this last year, as I quit working the 2 way radio dispatch. This is my regret. If I had known that his "number was coming up", I would have wished to get close to a little more of his wisdom. On my "Still Warrior" CD Credits, published in early '98, it says "Special Thanks to Herb Block, Washington Post". -I did not shed any tears, hearing that he had passed: I did have regrets. I will miss his easy laugh and twinkley eyes; his compassion: I will miss shoving my latest layout, or Newsflash from the Internet thru the Green door, in Georgetown, where he had lived. He slipped away, on us all, while we were still mourning Sept 11. I guess I feel a sort of vacuum, -but to me he represented a sort of living saint. I guess I feel that he is still there,...listening.

*** The 22 Most Wanted Terrorists, Worldwide ***

Don't Suppress News Coverage of the War
Go here to insist that the Press's Request to report from IN Afghanistan be honored

News Consortium's Report is now overdue! they are withholding the fact of Gores SUBSTANTIAL victory in Fla., with the excuse that the "compilers of info" are committed elsewhere, in response to Sept 11.
Recounting That Recount, Detail by Detail by Detail

Waxman to Colin Powell and Tom Ridge: Stop Allowing Exports of Sniper/Terrorist Guns
Waxman to Ridge(pdf file of actual letter)
Waxman to Powell(pdf file of actual letter)
"In short, American citizens' voices have been seriously prevented from influencing government for some time, with campaign financing practices directly responsible. Has anyone noticed, for example, how extremists in the administration and Congress since the terrorist attack are quick to promote "big government" when it comes to limiting civil rights and speech, limiting media criticism and humor, establishing increased powers of police, FBI, judicial and executive branch, bailing out airlines, etc?
Any serious attempt to end terrorism must begin with OUR government's acknowledgement that we have systematically ignored danger signs of terrorism, both international and domestic, in order to promote of the sale--and proliferation--of small arms for economic gains. The State Dept. has always had the power to stop the distribution of these 50mm Rifles, that are deadly at thousands of yards!

Identities of Hijackers Questioned(Iraqi, NOT Saudi, identified)
1. "Five of the hijackers were using stolen identities and investigators are studying the possibility that the entire suicide squad consisted of imposters."
2. *"On one of the convicted bombers of the WTC: "In press interviews with him in prison before he was convicted he said he was a "citizen of Islam" and spoke very good Arabic. And the Arabs he lived with in New York before the bombing of the World Trade Center in 1993 when he fled to Pakistan said he spoke Iraqi Arabic and his given name was Raashid. They called him Raashid the Iraqi". ..."And under this name he was not Pakistani but Iraqi." "
Somehow, this all makes sense; that the source of our attacks was based in Iraq, "state sponsored", and Sadaam Hussein at it's source, rather than the exiled Saudis & the Taliban, alone; or "non-state sponsored". Can anyone imagine the way Sadaam Hussein is laughing at this confusion? Hussein will not laugh as the coalition against terrorism turns toward him!

Reality Check! : 1. DUring the Bombings, US Military dropped 37,000 Food Packets each day. 2. There are an estimated 4,000,000 starving people in Afghanistan. 3. Altho $320,000,000 has been committed to Food Aid for Afghanistan, it will take complete involvement of ground relief agencies to deliver an effective relief!
Relief Agencies have condemned the food drops: relief agencies beg for a halt in bombling so they can start trucking in food, as winter will come soon, and with it, starvation, -saying "the attached statements in the food packets will likely be considered propoganda, and hurt the real relief effort for the future"

Inspirational Quotes

"Whoever would overthrow the liberty of a nation must begin by subduing the freeness of speech." "They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." "Those that trade liberty for security will have neither."
-Ben Franklin

A people who mean to be their own governors must arm themselves with the power that knowledge gives. A popular government without popular knowledge or the means of acquiring it is but a prelude to a farce or a tragedy or perhaps both. -James Madison

"First they ignore you; Then they laugh at you; Then they fight you; Then you win." -Gandhi
( more on Ghandi Here - Here and -Here-watch out for loud MIDI music )

"When fascism comes to America, they'll call it democracy" - Will Rogers

"The American people are slow to wrath, but once kindled; it is an all consuming flame" - Teddy Roosevelt

"Never cease in the fight for peace, justice, and equality for all people. Be perisitent in all that you do and don't allow anyone to sway you from your conscience." - Leonard Peltier

"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act." -George Orwell

"I saw GW Bush, but he took off his tie, and the skin popped up over his head, so I did not see his face." -anonymous

(DEBKAfile Report) -China Moves Forces into Afghanistan

The entire Earth Mourns Sept. 11 Victims: All People: All Religions
Pictures of Vigils Worldwide

[Pumpkins for Terrorists and
Oppressors]Hey! Osama!
Click Picture to go to Bin Ladin's Liquor Store.....Here you will have the oppportunity to take "Shots" with your mouse.....You may learn how difficult it is to avoid shooting hostages.

"The first casualty of War is Truth..." -Tolstoy

We can hope that the Oil Pipeline, and Oil resources in Afghanistan will be the source of a new boost to the economy of Afghanistan's new Democracy. Oil companies are lusting after it, and would use our military for their own purpose. Women until 1996, in Afghanistan, lived under Constitutional Democracy. They were contributors to the work force on every level. The Taliban has "put them under house arrest", and this has hurt everyone in Afghanistan.

The oil behind Bush and Son's campaigns

Sept 11, 1990 Bush Senior addressed congress calling for the Gulf War
This appears to be when Osama Bin Laden changed from helping Americans fight the cold war, to fighting against Americans. -As we have heard, even on the Networks, the US abandoned Afghanistan to it's own turmoil, after Russia pulled out. -Some feel that Osama Bin Ladin's more specific target is the 'Bush family regime'

I really do wish that I could believe that "Dubya" was acting on his own, and not being "handled" by other sordid interests, but then always a new twist: not long ago he pushed thru a veteran of Central American Death Squads, Negroponte to US Ambassador to the UN, and now we have another "insider" appointed to Saudi Arabia, ie:
It Helps To Have Connections
-By Jonathan Ashley

Officials aware in 1998 of training of Bin Laden Associates in US

T hreat of US strikes passed to Taliban weeks before NY attack

US 'planned attack on Taleban' in July
( according to Niaz Naik, a former Pakistani Foreign Secretary ) -By the BBC's George Arney

Bush Senior, GOP "Insiders" further their business interests as representatives of the Carlyle Group
I repost this from "IndexII" as it relates again! **In the Wall Street Journal, it is also reported; -with a demand that Bush Jr demand that Bush Sr withdraw from the Carlyle Group, which inclueds Principals of the Bin Ladin Family, now under investigation by the FBI. -We don't know, currently that Osama receives money from these interests, the Bin Ladin Family says no, but it has been published in France, with cash flow charts, that it is, indeed true, that Osama DOES receive substantially from these Family Holdings
Hike in US defense spending Will benefit Bin Laden family & Bush Sr., ex Sec of State Baker, & ex Defense Secretary Carlucci(all with the Carlyle Group)
Primarily, from studying this page, and the links, I learned that GW Bush's Early Business Dealings were funded in association with Bin Laden money, thru the BCCI(-info from '92 Senate Investigation of BCCI included) *There is no way to know that GW had any idea of the source of the cash he used
This site(from Mad Grandmothers) has been up and down, so we copied it, and will post it on this site if it gets deleted
*What a small "well-heeled" world, they live in

U.S. Bank Laws Fund Terrorists

We all waited for the Consortium of News Groups to release the final report on the recount of Fla's Election: now they are withholding the fact of Gores SUBSTANTIAL victory in Fla., with the excuse that the "compilers of info" are committed elsewhere, in response to Sept 11.

While many of her crimes are well documented against Fla Citizens, Katherine Harrris sneers, whiles Jeb and GW smirk.
Sign Online Petition to Indict Katherine Harris

The New Senate Anti-Terrorism Bill-...Pros and Cons
Oppose Extreme and Unnecessary Expansions of Government Authority!(S-1510)
This is the latest Bill introduction, which, among other things, will allow spying on US Citizens, without Judicial Supervision

The Counter-Terrorist Myth
-by Reuel Marc Gerecht
A former CIA operative explains why the terrorist Usama bin Ladin has little to fear from American intelligence

Stay Alert! We sure don't want the Oil, Chemical, and Defense Companies taking advantage of the Crisis, to pad their profits on a grand scale, as "little scam artists" have already done.
Getting Behind Mr. Bush? -By Marc Ash

Toward The Brink
- By Robert Parry September 17, 2001
( In the 1980s, Robert Parry broke many of the stories now known as the Iran-Contra scandal for the Associated Press and Newsweek. His latest book is "Lost History". )

Liberty At Risk
CONYERS - ACLU Question Ashcroft Proposals

Whit e House Whitewashers

* ~/~ US Trade Rep. Zoellik trys to take advantage of Sept. 11, claiming Congress must pass "Fast Track" authority to Bush.(this is politics at it's worst)
"To have the USTR attack the patriotism of Americans for their failure to support an unwritten, undisclosed bill demands a public apology. To do this and then leave for Russia is even more extraordinary."

Critical thinking during the fog of war
-By Carla Binion

Jimmy Breslin gives an astute perspective on Bush's "War Speech". *If this article gets removed, you will find it posted HERE

Land of the Free? -by Arianna Huffington
Arianna responds to the attack on "Politically Incorrect" by America's Media "Taliban"
Sign Petition to Stop ABC from Cancelling Bill Maher's "Politically Incorrect" !!!

Are we wusses or freedom-loving Americans?

Concerned Citizens Opposed to Police States

13 Questions for Bush about America's Anti-terrorism Crusade

Deterioration of the Wall Street Journal & the GOP
extremists and corporate greed have disfigured the Republican Party...likewise the Wall Street Journal

Voice of America pressured not to air Taliban leader's interview

Media too influenced by their corporate owners

The word "Jihad" has been misinterpreted a lot, lately. Bigots use it to mislabel muslims and Islam as hateful & destructive. Criminals, such as Osama Bin Laden & those he has inspired, use it for self vindication; but crimes against humanity are NOT Jihad. Jehad or Jihad has a great significance in Islam and in the life of a Muslim. The "big jihad" is the struggle within. Please study the real meanings HERE, and HERE.

Osama digs himself in Pamir
Click on "News" on left at this site for more info FROM Afghanistan
*Note: Thanks to Pakistan's leader for firing the "Pro-Taliban" Generals, and Intelligence Officers! Altho there are Taliban supporters in Pakistan, the majority of Pakistanis support the Government's position of Solidarity with the US in the endeavor to stamp out Terrorism. The Washington Post newspaper revealed two failed attempts to capture or kill Osama Bin Laden during President Clinton's term in office. According to officials quoted in the newspaper, the CIA secretly trained 60 Pakistani commandos to prepare for a mission inside Afghanistan. The operation was ended after the Pakistani prime minister Nawaz Sharif was deposed in a military coup two years ago. Sudan offer The paper also said that Sudan had offered to hand over Bin Laden when he was living there in 1996. At that time, the US authorities believed that they did not have enough evidence to put him on trial. They failed to persuade Saudi Arabia to take him into custody. So Bin Laden was expelled to Afghanistan, where he is thought to have been based ever since.

On The Middle East Question (Opinion)

*Thanks to Arafat for announcing that Militants who fail to honor the ceasefire agreement with Israel will face punishment from the PLO. It's hard to understand, -where is the solidarity with Palestinians from Arab States to help allocate resources to Palestinians? Admittedly, it is long overdue to relinquish the lands occupied since the "6 Day War, in 1967(longest occupation in Modern History, perhaps )
The worst atrocity ever committed in "christian" history, was the "Crusade" attacks on Jerusalem that murdered All semetic people there, including Moslems and Jews, it is well known worldwide. -We don't study this topic in American Christian Schools. *Please remember that Hitler's Government of Germany killed 6 million Jews. -Don't you think that Israel has a firm right to exist in peace?

A Look at Our "leaders" Military Service

Who served in the military? -some Prominent Democrats
House Minority Leader Richard Gephardt - Served his country in uniform, 1965-71 House Minority Whip David Bonior - Served his country in uniform, 1968-72 Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle - Served his country in uniform, 1969-72 Albert Gore - Served his country in uniform, 1969-71 Bob Kerrey... Democrat... Congressional Medal of Honor, VN Daniel Inouye... Democrat... Congressional Medal of Honor, WW II John Kerry... Democrat...Silver Star& Bronze Star, VN Charles Rangel...Democrat... Bronze Star, Korea Max Cleland... Democrat... Silver Star & Bronze Star, VN Howell Heflin... Democrat... Silver Star
Some Prominent Republicans
Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert - avoided the draft, did not serve. Majority Leader Dick Armey- avoided the draft, did not serve. Majority Whip Tom Delay - avoided the draft, did not serve. Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott - avoided the draft, did not serve. Senator John McCain...Republican - Served honorably, POW, hero to many GW bush - decided that a six-year Nat'l Guard commitment really means four years VP Cheney - several deferments, the last by marriage Att'y Gen. John Ashcroft - sought deferment to teach business ed at SW Missouri State Former Speaker Newt Gingrich - did not serve Elliott Abrams - Sought deferment for bad back. Richard Armey - Sought college deferment, too smart to die. Bill Bennett - Sought graduate school deferment, too smart to die. Pat Buchanan - Sought deferment for bad knee. George W. Bush - Daddy got him in the reserves. Dick Cheney - Sought graduate school deferment, too smart to die. Tom DeLay - - Sought college deferment, too smart to die. Newt Gingrich - Sought graduate school deferment, too smart to die. Phil Gramm - Sought marriage deferment, too loved to die. Jack Kemp - Sought medical deferment while in the NFL. Rush Limbaugh - Sought deferment for ingrown hair follicle on his ass. Trent Lott - Sought deferment, didn't want to muss his hair. Dan Quayle - Family got him into the Reserves. Pat Robertson - Father pulled him out of Korea as soon as the shooting began. Kenneth Starr - Sought deferment for psoriasis. John Wayne - Sought deferment to further acting career. Vin Weber - Sought deferment for asthma. George Will - Sought deferment
I should admit that I am registered "Statehood" in DC, and I vote primarily if you post such a list from a Republican perspective, send it: I will post a link to it here.

A financial Assessment: The US IS In Deep DooDoo!

Schakowsky: Halt The Tax Cut!

Senator Kennedy and Wellstone Oppose Eugene Scalia as Labor Solicitor

"I was one of the Taliban's torturers: I crucified people"
"It is the first time in Afghanistan's history that the lower classes are governing and by force. There are no educated people in this administration - they are all totally backward and illiterate."....."They have no idea of the history of the country and although they call themselves mullahs they have no idea of Islam. Nowhere does it say men must have beards or women cannot be educated; in fact, the Koran says people must seek education."

The president's secret weapon
If he really wants to be bipartisan in the war on terror, Bush should appoint Bill Clinton as a roving ambassador.

Pro U.S.Demonstration in Pakistan

The Atrocitiy Against U.S. Citizens ON 9/11
*Moslems, Christians, Jews, and atheists have arisen as American Heroes, by responding selflessly, and immediately; searching precarious rubble for survivors, rushing to volunteer, and giving blood.
**I am sickened by the American People being associated with, or blamed for the activities of so-called U.S. Corporations. These Corporations have no loyalty to this country, or to ANY country. Their loyalty is to PROFIT, period. As one example, weapons of mass destruction are "Made In America" It's no accident that Iraq has weapons of mass destruction. U.S. corporations helped supply them.
******There are those who want us to cancel our civil rights, and provide a blank check of power to the administration, and it's agents. Crys of "un-American" are hurled at any who dissent from this idea. This is politics at it's worst. There are strong reasons for our COMPLETE system of Government, under our Constitution.
As we "come to our senses" after the devastation of this attack that has broken our hearts,

hotel guides/Washington DC: HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE

For those who want Justice for the criminals who attacked American Targets, but do NOT want a war that risks innocent civilians being maimed or killed

Peace Rallies-Worldwide

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