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MP3 is great stereo; much better than Real Audio, but the "STILL WARRIOR" CD is much better : it is
*24track State Of The Art Recording
*Top Session Players Thruout...!!!
*55:25 minutes/15 selections...Its a CD... and  1/2!!!
*From Classical Guitar Solos to Reggae Fusion...This
CD is extreme diversity!!!
"STILL WARRIOR" is the epitome of independent
Production..Controlled by the musicians playing on the
CD.....SO!.........If you are weary of 3 million dollar advertizing budgets on CDs
that have little to say,..Musically or otherwise.......
*Hosted by
IUMA (Internet Underground Music Archive)  Get The CD here!
*Choice of  Real Audio/MPEG Stereo/or Liquid Audio
*Manufactured by
*Recorded at
LION & FOX Studios/Engineered by Jim Fox (One of the Top Engineers on Earth!!)
*Cover Design/Layout by
Mona Hawkins...The finest
Graphic Designer we know of !!


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