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Recent Political Snapshots

Bush Appointments:...Finally...after looney tunes John Ashcroft "resigns"; Bush is led(by the ring in his nose) to appoint the one top administration official who can be positively linked to the excuses made for the torture of prisoners, simply by playing the "Latino Card"...even more amazing, tho, is the appointment of John Negroponte to be an Intelligence Czar. Negroponte's political claim to fame as a Diplomat is when several Catholic Nuns unimpeachably witnessed that he was "in the loop" with Death Squads in El Salvador.(links to Stories, below).
*ELECTION 2004-...Network Slant-...Demand Investigation-...Count EVERY Vote* ......In recent months, it appeared that the Networks were really starting to give us some real, and unbiased news, on certain issues, however, the parts "left out" of Election 2004 coverage seemed very in line with the Republican Party, and Wealthy supporter's "Mein Kampf" of the usual mind twisters and lies. Acknowledged was the fact that Kerry still had a chance to win this election, however, many important facts were not addressed. They all agreed that the Provisional Ballots could swing several States back to Kerry Victory, but failed to repeat what had already been reported, extensively in recent days:
1. The majority of Provisional Ballots were anticipated to be from newly registered Voters, and that this group was identified as being overwhelmingly for Kerry.
2. Not once did the Networks repeat what has been reported for weeks; Americans living abroad were filing absentee Ballots in record numbers, and the published opinions of the great majority of this Voting Surge was primarily for John Kerry, and John Edwards, and they expressed that "Americans are less respected, and less safe, worldwide; the direct result of Bush Administration Policies".
3. In Iowa the count was stopped because of Malfunctioning Voting Machines: this is only the tip of the big iceberg in this election of 2004: -as a matter of fact, it was reported long ago, that radical "RIGHT WINGNUT Bush Supporters" had control over 56% of our new voting machine manufacturing, programming, and maintenance: ES&S Inc., who makes 56% of the voting machines in the United States(2 years ago), threatened to sue the owner of unless she removed articles about voting machines from her web site. Bev Harris wrote an article revealing conflict of interest for some owners of voting machine companies, and received a "Demand for Retraction" on October 25, 2002. ES&S demanded of to remove the article at Talion. The retraction demand was then photocopied, and posted by Talion: The pages containing links to both the article on the election machine companies and the article as it appeared when the letter was sent are currently missing. Folks, the "FIX" may be in , Nationwide. How else would one explain Mondale's 8% points ahead in the polls in Minnesota on Nov. 3rd, 2002, -yet "lost" to his Republican Opponent by 3% points on Nov. 5? Professional Computer Programmers who had a brief look at the "Programming" of these ES&S machines, assured Talion that it is NOT STANDARD Coding, and potentially full of tricks: why the Networks have never touched upon this issue is either extreme bias, or ignorance: -In Iowa, they reported the the Voting Machine's Manufacturer was to send Technicians to straighten it all out. Then 2 days after the "Election",ABC News reported that a "Glitch" was discovered in the machines at one polling place in OHIO: after fixing the problem, Bush's 4.000 "Votes" at that location dropped to 363 Votes!!! Now compound that Nationwide =Why not have independent Computer Programmers, and Analysts investigating these Voting Machines, Nationwide? Everyone that I have talked to about this believes that Kerry is likely to have REALLY received 2/3 of the Popular Vote, and many more States in the Electoral College...for more on this and other issues on this Stolen Election, please go to Stolen Election 2004

Please go to "No Blood For Oil" Site(link above) to find the complete video of the Nick Berg beheading: some experts are concluding that he had to be dead at the time, and the entire piece is probably a "rigged video edit job".
We, who have family in the Military, do NOT want them used for PRIVATE PROFITEERING ! Now they have apparantly taken Sadam prisoner in Iraq: still at large are, Donald Rumsfeld(who, AFTER the famous gas attacks in Iraq was still "buddy buddy with Sadam, in the previous Bush Administration), Dick Cheney and his descendant Haliburton Executives(who have several Billion Us Dollars coming in from Afghanistan and Iraq Contracts, that were NOT subject to open bid), the Principals of the Carlyle Group(Bush Senior, James Baker, Ex-Defense Sec. Carlucci, the entire Bin Laden Family, and ex-Brit PM Majors), -along with many Oil Company & Prescription Drug Co. Executives(and others involved in Defense Contracts) It is SO simple! THis sham of an administration is not stopping Genocide in the world, UNLESS they have OIL!
-American Patriots believe in the Foundation of our Government, The US Constitution, albeit, there are conflicts in the interpretation of this document, and each of it's Amendments. There also are Anti-War Patriots, worldwide. Today, we are a "globalized world" and need each other, worldwide; it is crucial that there be multilateral agreements on any actions taken in a military and punitive direction. "You better start swimmin', or you'll sink like a stone, for the times, they are a changin'" -Bob Dylan
-It is unfortunate, that those people who control large business interests, and whose only loyalty is to profit, have unnatural influence with most industrialized Governments, "democratic", and "otherwise", worldwide. -Many of them use the US as a "loyalty front" while they have operations specifically moved offshore to avoid paying taxes. In any case, if profit is their first loyalty, "by hook and by crook" they influence Governments, to aquiese to their desires. Our "Administration" and systematic cronyism is a prime example. While GW Bush's Harkin Energy Business was in trouble, the books were "cooked" fairly identically to the "Enron Fiasco", -by none other than GW Bush's "Alma Mater" University(as his dad, George Senior, was the most influential board member), at that time. Further, many stories have related that Enron's CEO Ken Lay, was not only an integral part of the Transition Team of the "GW Bush Administration", he also had veto power on Cabinet Choices, and, essentially supervised the Transition. Today, Ken Lay's "underlings" from Enron face serious legal troubles, while "Kenny Boy"( -as GW Bush is known to refer to Ken Lay ) is not under any severe legal duress at all. Ken Lay is also considered to have been the most influential participant in the "Energy Commission Hearings", that Cheney refused to "cough up" the "minutes" of, after thje G.A.O. requested, and got a Court order to do so. Haliburton, and Dick Cheney as CEO, at the Helm of that Company, in 1998, did 23 Million Dollars worth of Business with Sadam Hussein. He received a Giant Severance Package from Haliburton Corp., who is deeply advantaged(Haliburton) by an "installed Government" in Afghanistan, -and Occupation by US led Troops. -Further, it is now known that Cheney's "old Halliburton Corp." has several billion dollars in contracts, between operations in Afghanistan and Iraq which were NOT subjected to open and competitive bids, by any other Companies. -Donald Rumsfield, our "Secretary of Defense" was on the Board of the ABB Corp. -while ABB did in excess of 100 Million Dollars of business with North Korea, to guarantee that Country, Nuclear Power Plants Online!(see "Truthout" in "Crucial Links" for related stories).
-And as a matter of fact, it was reported that radical "RIGHT WINGNUTS" have control over 56% of our new voting machine manufacturing, programming, and maintenance: ES&S, who makes 56% of the voting machines in the United States, has threatened to sue the owner of unless she removes articles about voting machines from her web site. Bev Harris wrote an article revealing conflict of interest for some owners of voting machine companies, and received a "Demand for Retraction" on October 25, 2002. ES&S wants to remove an article at The retraction demand has been photocopied, and is now posted: This page contains links to both the latest article on the election companies and the article as it appeared when the letter was sent. Folks, the "FIX" is in , Nationwide. How else would one explain Mondale's 8% points ahead in the polls in Minnesota on Nov. 3rd, yet losing to his Republican Opponent by 3% points on Nov. 5?
-The way it appears, now, is that voting no longer is trusted to express the will of the people; as a result, millions are demonstrating, worldwide, on the streets of Washington, San Francisco, NYC, dozens of States, Tokyo, London, Paris, Rome, -everywhere in the Arab World & so on.
-Senior Diplomats, opposed to Bush Policies, Foreign and Domestic, are resigning, -expressing deep concern of the dangers that this "misadministration" is causing; to the world, and American Citizenry, in particular. -Moderate Muslim Clerics, who had publicly condemned Osama Bin Ladin's "sacriligeous" misrepresentation of Muslim Principles. and his words and actions, are NOW calling for all of the Muslim World to "Rise Up" against the new "US Imperialism".
VOTER MARCH joined The Peace Coalition
National March On Washington DC and San Francisco Oct 26-2002
To STOP Pre-emptive attack on Iraq
-After the attack on Iraq began, Voter March was an integral part of further Giant Demonstrations against the Unilateral actions.
Go to "Events Calendar" for More Details on recent Marches and Activities, and coming events: Voter March provided Buses from NYC
*there are certainly more dangers than Iraq, to us, now: Plus, -Iraq has weapons that WE gave them: this "Wag The Dog" wont "Wash" the elections coming ! Meanwhile, it is truly abominable that this "Selected Administration" -kept Congress(House and Senate) from knowing about the Nuclear Threat developing in Korea BEFORE getting this ridiculous "War Power" for pre-emptive attacks, with out consulting our elected Representatives FIRST !
More info: Join the Coalition Here(For Future Demonstrations)
RADIO LEFT -did broadcast, on Saturday October 26th, 2002 - & will likely re-broadcast The Marches to Stop the War in Iraq - from Washington DC and San Francisco. Washington DC coverage began at 11:00 AM EST and San Francsico coverage began at approximately 2:00PM EST(on Oct. 26).

Yes, we lost the "Politically Incorrect" TV Show -BUT! Michael Moore's New Film: "Bowling For Columbine" won the "Trophy" !
-Watch the 2 minute Trailer(Windows Media Player): -on a slower Modem~~~~~~~~ -on a fast Internet Connection
-Are we a country of Gun Nuts or just plain Nuts? -Michael Moore is the Producer (etc etc) of "Roger and Me" and Author of the bestseller, "Stupid White Men"

Captured in their sniper's nest: Gulf veteran and the teenager

-The Safest Place To Be -Was inside Washington, DC: -as the sniper hit human targets in suburban Maryland, DC, and suburban Richmond. We were safer inside the City ( altho one person killed by the sniper was just inside DC borders ). The recent revelation, by Canada's News, -from Interpol, about a trained French Army Sniper, gone AWOL in North America,appears to have been coincedental. I believe this "shooter" had to be a marksman: he used one bullet, in each case: he killed most of his human targets: he only missed once -thru a store window: the best estimate of his range is 150 yds. + ! ***-Was this Gulf War Veteran suffering, untreated, from exposure to Chemical/Bio Weapons in the Gulf War; or was he just an "average psychokiller" ?

How the Bush family wealth is linked to the Jewish Holocaust

In Florida:

* - U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft announced that the Justice Department will send "attorneys from its Civil Rights division" to monitor the Nov. 5th election in Miami and several other Florida counties.
Say what?! The U.S. Justice Department is the same Department who's Asst. Attorney General - Ralph Boyd, said just a few months ago, that even though the Justice Department received more than 11,000 post 2000 presidential election complaints alone, they found NO evidence that ANY Florida residents were denied their right to vote in the 2000 election: this is OUTRAGEOUS ! Note: since theuy named the newer wing of the Justice Dept. in Washington DC the "Hoover Bldg.", I have been referring to it as "The Dept Of Injustice".
* - "Counting on Democracy" -In the face of the controversial decision by the PBS network to refuse to transmit the investigative report, the nation's top PBS stations will independently broadcast COUNTING ON DEMOCRACY. Directed by Emmy-award winner Danny Schechter, the 57-minute documentary follows BBC television reporter Greg Palast as he discovers how Katherine Harris removed up to 57,000 legal voters from registries, ­ mostly black, ­ five months before the 2000 election. While the public broadcast network chiefs refused to schedule this important report, WNET (New York), KCET (Los Angeles), KQED (San Francisco) and dozens were insisting on showing the exposé before the mid-term elections. (See full schedule at The film was be featured at the Hamptons International Film Festival.
* - "UNPRECEDENTED" -A second film on the scandal of the vote theft in Florida, UNPRECEDENTED, opens this month in national screenings sponsored by People for the American Way, the NAACP and The Nation. The Robert Greenwald Production includes exclusive footage from Palast's confrontations with Katherine Harris' vote fixers. Palast will join directors Joan Sekler and Richard Perez at the New York opening. For schedules and tickets, go to

Reagan & President Bush I Shipped Vast Chemical & Biological Weapons to Iraq(to be used against Iran) - "At last week's Armed Services Committee hearing, Secretary [Donald] Rumsfeld said he had no knowledge of any such shipments and doubted that they ever occurred" -he HAD to be lying thru his teeth ! -Senator Byrd brought up these risks to American Soldiers on Senate Floor on Thursday, Sept 26
* -Worthy of note is that the shipments did not cease until Bill Clinton Replaced George Bush I
Same Story Here

** -Also worthy of note is the "Whitewashing" of Bush family investments, Until 1942, when Nazi Funding from the US was "cornered", "Grandpa" Prescott Bush was a primary US funder of Hitler's Nazi Party, -George Bush Senior had huge involvement with Drug Runners, and we are just learning of the Harvard University's "Book Cooking"(much like Enron) of GW Bush's Harkin Energy Co., while his dad was the most influential Board Member at Harvard.

Ashcroft's Bagdad Connection
Same Story Here

Lori Berenson, American Emissary to Peruvian Poor: a Political Prisoner!
National Organization For Women has passed a resolution calling for Lori's immediate release
-Lori's Congresswoman, Carolyn Maloney (D-NY), along with Reps. Jim Leach (R-NY), Connie Morella (R-MD), and Maxine Waters (D-NY) are sponsoring a letter from Members to Peruvian President Paniagua asking for Lori's release. Please ask your congressperson to sign on to this letter. -Read her parents statement, and join with us, who are praying for Lori's release, daily.

100 jets join attack on Iraq
*Note: more stories are filtering thru about further attacks on non-military targets...apparantly, the "administration" is starting the war "covertly" without the resolutions they seek from Congress, and the U.N.
"Corporate-owned media again MOCK Congress, democracy, freedom! In a democracy, those who govern receive their power from the citizens. What we have here is a self-appointed international military industrial cabal proceeding with full force against Iraq, CARING NOT what Congress says, CARING NOT what citizens say, CARING NOT about the lives of our military men and women, CARING NOT about the lives of Iraqi people. And, WHAT makes it possible for these power-obsessed, self-destructive war mongers to throw the world into chaos and world war and carry out plans for world domination? The COMPLICITY OF CORPORATE OWNED MEDIA. The SAME elites who profit from war and oil OWN the media. Wake up, America and world! This is treason. Call and write and turn off your TV news, and the constant lies, until the secrecy surrounding war reporting stops. It's time to demand to know what is happening to our soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan, what is happening to Iraqi people, Palestinians, Israelis, Afghans." -Tina Staik

An example of Bush/Cheney Administrative Style on US Economy

Bush Administration "Justice Dept." Planning to Recruit One in 24 Americans as Citizen Spies
-By Ritt Goldstein -Sunday Morning Herald ( Australia )

President Bush Re-Count Troops Land Plum Washington D.C. Jobs
-Miami Herald, July 14
( -see how many who worked to stop the count in Florida ( and "fudge the results" by being "observers" to the NORC(News Consortium's) recount Data gathering, contesting obvious Gore votes ), have been rewarded. Even with this prejudice being applied, experts & News, worldwide, agreed, after examination of NORC Data, that Gore won Fla. by a "landslide": only one country's News "services" reported that Bush "could have won", and that was the US News "services"(now owned by 5 Corporations). Also noted, you will see that the "general" in charge of most of this scam operation was none other than ex Sec. of State -James Baker, who is, with Bush Senior, Ex Sec. of Defense -Carlucci, and the Bin Laden Family, principals in the Carlyle Equity Firm, who deal in Defense Contracts, and reap billions on the "neverending" war on terrorism. Many of the "Gang" that stormed the offices where the recount was going on in Miami/Dade have long been identified as having been sent by Tom Delay, Republican Whip. -They banged on windows, -they followed, and harrassed recount officials; but there were NO arrests: -as is history, the officials in Miami "voluntarily" gave up the recount, soon after these attacks )

Congress Can No Longer Ignore Corporate Control of the Media
... - by US Rep Bernie Sanders
-Published on Wednesday, June 12, 2002 in "The Hill" (Capitol Hill)

Arafat Calls for Democratic Elections in the United States -- World Reaction is Mixed

As you are possibly aware; "so-called" US Corporations have NO loyalty to the US or it's citizens, yet they have BIG influence over our Top Government Officials: this is why we have Sweatshops, cashflow, and manufacturing moved "offshore", by these "greedmongers" who also avoid taxes, here, in this fashion.
If you want to support the leaders of tomorrow, for a much better world, and find out who they are; buy this book:
Students Against Sweatshops

More election troubles foreseen (-US Commission on Civil Rights-in Fla, June 21 -Miami Herald)

"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter." - Martin Luther King, Jr.

How Stupid is TOO Stupid ? (for a President)
Contrary to the above article's conclusions; I don't believe that GW Bush is stupid; but he IS Slick! -and also lazy, -basically uninterested in the real facts that a President SHOULD be aware of. So Big Decisions are obviously made for him by those well identified as "profiteers", and their representatives.
Bush allowed 9/11 BY DAVID KIEFER Of The S.F.Examiner
*noted in this article: 400 victims of 9/11 families are suing the administration for complicity in 9/11
U.S. Spy Warned Canadian officials of September attack on World Trade Center BEFORE 9-11
Russian Air Force Chief Says Official 9-11 Story Impossible [Posted 13 September 2001]
How do they get the "patriotic" slant out there? (Real Player Video)

Read and Sign the Petition Demanding Investigation and Impeachment of the Illegitimately Elected Bush and Cheney for Dereliction of Duties in Woefully Failing to Protect the American Public from the September 11th Terrorist Attacks You should "get involved" with the authors of this petition, VOTER MARCH -the foremost advocate of disenfanchisement of US Voters by Nepotism and Corporate Interests.

U.S.PIRG Online
When consumers are cheated, our environment threatened, or our voices are drowned out by special interest lobbyists; U.S PIRG speaks up, and takes action!

The Enron "Smoking Gun" Memo(How Enron "ripped off" California Consumers)

- Aren't these some amazing times we are living in! While living in "The Era Of Artful Deceptions", as I have dubbed it, we have the White House refusing to cooperate(in a cavalier manner) to our elected representatives, and Government Authorities in requests for info on the Energy Commission Meetings hosted by Cheney: Tom Ridge throws out "Executive Privelege" in refusing to appear at a requested hearing on Homeland Security. We can at least be thankful that the Senate, to date, has not sold out completely to the "Nazi like" establishment who has bigger plans for us. In the Industrialized world, the distance between the wealthy and the poor in unsurpassed as in the US. Meanwhile, during the "transition", as you may recall, Enron's Chief Exec. was practically running the Transition, and many laws were changed in the aftermath that favored Enron. Almost as if they were using "Mein Kampf" to create the illusion that there is so little suffering in the US. These facts that are reported worldwide, but aren't major stories on our "TV Newcasts", are still becoming "common knowledge". THe handful of Corporations that own literally all commercial media in the US are failing miserably in forcing dissenters to feel isolated. It almost seems that this administration doesn't care about getting reelected, as they are completing the biggest "rip-off" of our economy, in our History. It is insane that the entire world wants to stop "Global Warming" with the "Kyoto Agreement" but the US, with Bush at the helm, and his "polluting for profit buddies" refuse to sign on to it. THe Oil Companies are singing their "swan song" They insist on continuing to rape the economies of the earth promoting policies ensuring all our jeopardy, and blocking development to cheap enough products we can use with the new technologies that exist, while not fermenting further pollution, and contributing to Global Warming. The Bush administration, questions whether World renowned scientists are correct about the cause of Global Warming, much like Prominent Idiots questioned whether the Holocaust ever occured. -In the middle East, we are horrified by attacks on civilians that are mostly reported against Israelis, yet many times more have been committed against Palestinians. Sharon does not really represent the Israeli People, any more than GW Bush represents Americans, as I see it. remember that 1 Million Israelis stormed out in the street, when it was revealed that Israeli Soldiers were "looking the other way" as "Christian Phalangists" raped and abused Muslims in the Sabra camps. I have many Jewish and Muslim friends, and it is so irritating to think that forces of politics, are destroying what has always appeared to me to be a natural ability to co-exist. The jury is out on Arafat, as to whether he represents a majority of Palestinians, I do believe that with justice, the majority of palestinians are FOR peace, and a homeland): one thing for certain, Arafat has been unfairly criticized about the terrorist attacks, -as tho he HAS power over factions that he does NOT. It's quite a slick game, then, for the Israeli Government with their US supported Military to cripple his ability to respond to the "out of control" factions, and continue holding him responsible. Meanwhile, Israeli Citizens, and many soldiers, are rising and speaking out against Sharon's Policies of "continued occupation" of Palestine, and "impuning military operations".

150,000 Israelis Rally In Tel Aviv: Demand Israel Leave Occupied Palestinian Land

Apartheid in the Holy Land
Desmond Tutu...April 29, 2002...The Guardian

Blaming Al Gore - The Latest Crime of the Stolen Election -Nancy Kuhn

9/11 - The Road To Tyranny
produced by Alex Jones of
Emergency wide-spread 9/11 documentary film release via the internet
This vivid documentary is a thorough explanation of the state of the world today based on all available reports and facts. It shows how the government(s) Officials are involved with terrorists, as a means to controlling us, by the members of the Elite Group, "New World Order". A must see documentary.

Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney 9-11 Probe Must Extend to White House

NEW t r u t h o u t Petition / Poll | Should a 911 Probe Include the White House? Some Results -- YES: 5551 -- NO: 80 | Keep it Coming - Spread the Word!

April 20, Pacifica Radio Gave Live Coverage of Demonstrations Against Bush Policies(below)
A.N.S.W.E.R. -April 20, Huge Anti Bush/Oil and Military Policies Demonstrations -Happened in Washington DC, and San Francisco

* In Appointments, Administration Leaves No Family Behind (Washington Post)

Senate Passes Overhaul of Campaign Finance Rules

Legislation to overhaul the nation's campaign finance laws for the first time in nearly 30 years passed the Senate, sending the long-thwarted legislation on to the White House and was FINALLY signed by President Bush.

Communications Cartel, ET AL. v. The People of The United States of America, ET AL.
-ANGELS OF THE PUBLIC INTERESTdescended upon the FCC -FRIDAY March 22.

Earlier Story on This Case

Shays-Meehan Campaign Finance Reform Wins House!

When the last "poison pill" amendment was defeated in the late hour, and the final vote was tallied to approve the bill, many members of the House looked up from their celebration on the House floor to salute a little old lady in the gallery --Doris "Granny D" Haddock, who walked 3,200 miles across the US to promote the necessity of campaign reform. Minority Leader Gephardt led the members in saluting her from the floor. Minutes later she joined them in a hallway filled with laughter and cheering and got her share of hugs and kisses. Marty Meehan's hug knocked her hat off, exactly as had happened when John McCain and Russ Feingold hugged her after the Senate vote last year.

"We Demand a Special Prosecutor for Enrongate!"(sign Petition)

*"Patriotism means to stand by the country. It does not mean to stand by the president or any other public official save exactly to the degree in which he himself stands by the country. It is patriotic to support him insofar as he efficiently serves the country. It is unpatriotic not to oppose him to the exact extent that by inefficiency or otherwise he fails in his duty to stand by the country." -- President Theodore Roosevelt, 1908
*"When Facism comes to America, they'll call it democracy." -- Will Rogers

American Jews Petition to Suspend U.S. Military Aid to Israel

Some Current Artful Deceptions

Cheney and Bush refuse to cough up the info to the GAO about Enron influence on the administration's Energy Policy(especially the parts about Enron picking personell for the administration) The number of Pro-Bush Corporations that control virtually all commercial media in the US has dropped to 5(that's a handful!) No wonder you need the Internet for alternative sources. I encourage everyone I meet to get on the Internet to "get real"; besides, it saves trees! You will be astounded at the positive response you get when you refer to Bush as "not elected" or "the corporate welfare king" in your local shops, pubs(in casual conversations) The Corporatist News Media really tries with rigged polling and news slants to illustrate a "Bush Popularity", when this is really only support for our soldiers shown, and many Dem Reps/Senators don't exactly help by being wimpy! Bush's popularity on all domestic issues is extremely low.

Dont miss "Carlyle's Way"
Making a mint inside "the iron triangle" of defense, government and industry By Dan Briody January 8, 2002

Does anyone believe that the Bush Administration would do anything BUT what the Oil, Chemical and Defense Business want?! Cancelling the ABM Treaty, using 9/11 as a springboard, as a prep to the "Star Wars" Missile Defense System. -ICBMs(Inter-Continental Ballistic Missiles) are considered by defense experts, across the board, to be the absolute LEAST threat in existence today. Of course the Bush "Defense Business" buddies want this horrid expense on our economy for their profit. The obvious current threat is acts of terrorism, which "Star Wars" will have no effect whatsoever, in preventing.~~~Notwitstanding that CIA insiders, and 13 Israelis connected to MOSSAD(seen celebratory on 9/11 in NYC visibility,currently, under FBI Arrest),apparantly had "inside info" on 9/11 attacks. Folks, as the dust has settled, it is apparant that the GOP hierarchy, and the Bush Administration are effectively using 9/11 as a "grab bag" for their greedy interests. Similarly, in the Muslim World, it is agreed, that Osama Bin Laden at least inspired the Terrorist Acts against the US, but they fail to see why this leads to bombing the crap out of Afghanistan. Meanwhile, the whole school system in Saudi Arabia continues to ferment Terrorists against the West, and this deflects hatred for oppression at home, (but we want the Oil). If you depend on US sources for information....good luck....worldwide, in several sources it is widely reported that Osama escaped long ago, thru Pakistan
..."-Connect the Enron Dots to Bush"(this story was recently removed from the LA Times) Altho abated for a short period, the mistrust for this administration is rising again, among American Citizens Here's strong reasons: Bush advisers cashed in on Saudi gravy train It has been exposed fairly, that the Bush "Economic Stimulus Package" was an obvious corporate welfare blitz, stimulating nothing but the accounts of top shareholders in the "receiving Corporations: then, of course, the Enron case, the vast campaign contributions, and "hands off" Bush Policy as Enron raped the California consumers. The Government Accounting Office has no vowed to sue Cheney for the details on Cheney's Energy Commission meetings: Cheney has ignored GAO's official demands for this info, but it is certain that Enron Heads played a key role.
Meet the Carlyle Group
Of course we know that "Dubya" is only a "Cheerleader" The Real Leaders include Cheney, and several "business types" -Former World Leaders and Washington Insiders Making Billions in the War on Terrorism

A petition has started to circulate among Israel’s reservists, appealing to soldiers not to participate in Israel’s “oppression and occupation of Palestinian lands”.

We had better remember, or study: just as Hitler rode on the "coattails of religion" to get started in Germany, in America, the "billionaires club" funds the so-called "christian" fundamentalism as a front for their greedy goals. They wrap themselves in the Flag, and fund huge PR Campaigns of artful deception. They spout morality as though it is based upon sexual behaviour, and NOT primarily a concern for struggling humanity. A prime example is Richard Mellon Scaife, Pittsburgh billionaire, longtime CIA insider, a primary funder of Heritage Foundation, & the so called "christian" Coalition(small "c" intended). (He) "gave us"(funded) Matt Drudge, Jerry Falwell, the "Arkansas Project" which accused President Clinton of murder. Is he also behind this new, Pittsburgh based, "christian gang" -
"christian" Reconstructionists Launch “Operation Potomac”
US Rep. Conyers letter to Scaife -More on Scaife -also see"Liberalism Resurgent"

"It's Time To Speak Up" -by Helen Thomas

American Jews Petition to Suspend U.S. Military Aid to Israel

Liberty Surrounded (flash movie)

An ode to America
We disagree on issues, and argue amongst ourselves: we resent intrusion of any government, that tries to subvert our Constitutional Rights and: we remain patiently confident that such intrusions can only self-destruct: Some American Journalists and Editors continually risk their jobs, for the truth, even if it is politically incorrect: Americans of many faiths continually break "rules of business" to exercise Charity: -multi-national corporations who seek to control our government and economy are having to face this fact: the soul of America is strong: we are a nation of "little Samaritans".

***Cheap and "Ritzy" Travel Now to Washington DC and NYC!
As you know, Flying is cheap, currently, -and for Washington DC and New York City's Area Airports, passengers "breeze right thru" as there are no long lines, compared to the rest of the US: Hotels in these 2 places are at about 1/2 Price.

*Please read What can we do? (about the millions who will starve in Afghanistan)
US's "Daisy Cutter" Bomb
a picture of our 15,000 pound Bomb, and one of it's victims: Caution -Very Graphic

"first writing since"
This powerful piece is a "Must Read" from a soulful New Yorker, Suheir Hammad. Suheir is the author of "Born Palestinian, Born Black" and other books. Eloquent, painful, beautiful: a serious & brilliant message for peace with justice. We are grateful for the author's permission to post it on this site.

February 22, 1943, 9am... Three students from the University of Munich are brought to trial for treason. The trial lasts until 1 pm and by 5 o’clock all are dead. *--See: The White Rose ~~~ The Rise of the Nazis and More
ACT NOW(request kit) to demand investigation of 9/11's possible complicity by US Government "insiders"!
Dubai's CIA Chief met with Osama Bin Laden in July(at hospital -reported globally). INSIDER TRADING PROFITS off of 9-11 were frenzied over by the US media when they thought it was Arab terrorists . . . but then the story mysteriously died. Until, the UK Independent reveals that it leads to a firm chaired by the 3rd highest man in the CIA

This Dangerous Patriot's Game
After 11 September, the US Introduced Laws That 'Mirror the Worst Excesses of Some Dictatorships'

Psychological warfare, secrecy, oil, drugs, smoke screens and the war on democracy in our country--and world
Commentary by Tina Staik

Governing In Secret

"Today we stand on the verge of a civil liberties calamity in this country. The Administration and the Attorney General have taken a series of constitutionally dubious actions that place the Executive branch in the untenable role of legislator, prosecutor, judge, and jury..." -US Rep. Conyers, House Judiciary Committee
How would you feel if Americans started "dropping out of site" in foreign countries, if the world reacts to US Military Tribunals, by employing their own, -as one American, Lori Berenson, an emmissary to the poor, remains in a harsh Peruvian Prison, after being originally convicted by a Hooded Tribunal there.
-Working Assets Petition: Oppose Military Tribunals

The ballot that altered U.S. history -Shultz Palm Beach Post
The wrong man became president of the United States in January. That isn't an opinion. It's a fact. History will draw its conclusions as to whether the country benefited from the mistake.
Other People's Money By PAUL KRUGMAN
You may have seen the story about the businessman who allegedly used the attack on the World Trade Center to make off with other people's money. It's too bad that so many of our leaders are trying to pull the same trick.
Memo to Dems: Little Guy Needs Help

Is Bush trying to protect dad? -by Helen Thomas
ACLU Action Alert -Bush Administration Plans Threaten Protections Guaranteed by the Constitution

Gallup's Worldwide Poll on Terrorism in US (enlightening)

Views -"Grand Chessboard" - A War in the Planning for Four Years? -by Michael Ruppert
PARIS, Nov 15 (IPS) - U.S. Policy Towards Taliban Influenced by Oil
A strange intersection of Bushes, bin Ladens

U.S. plans campaign to oust Saddam

Ashcroft On the Line
John Ashcroft-Creep of the Week
In addition to being grossly incompetent, John is a dangerously hysterical religious lunatic as well.
Attorney General John Ashcroft
"...has gone from reasonably asking for a little more legal elbow room as the FBI and other Justice Department agencies charge after terrorism to casually chucking whole chunks of the Constitution.
Willful blindness to homegrown hate
Doctor Says FBI, CDC Ignored ‘Possible Lead’ in Anthrax Investigation

Another Useful Crisis by Paul Klugman(-NY Times)
Why does the administration's favored bill offer so little stimulus? Because that's not its purpose: it's really designed to lock in permanent tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy, using the Sept. 11 attacks as an excuse.
Paying Back Big Energy Evil-Doers
The Real American Traitors
Or Here (same article)
American Republicans are, right this minute, using the dead and the lost in New York and Washington for political vengeance and gain. -by William Rivers Pitt
CIA's "Inside Crisis" Trading
Here ~ Here ~ and Here
Sign the Petition to Impeach GW Bush
Hypocrites can NOT lead Americans: they CAN live in Historical Infamy

The Truth About Cipro
While Abbot voluntarily withdrew its version of the antibiotic (SaraFlox), Bayer decided to challenge the FDA. The company had the option to comply with the proposed ban or seek a hearing to determine whether such a move was justified. Bayer refused to comply with the ban, a move that kicked off a lengthy process that could take years (35). Meanwhile Bayer gets to poison the world, AND make huge profits from it...

-Nov 12 Gore Still Won -Media Still Spinning
Didn't Fla. Sec. Harris stop the recounts which were mandated by the Florida constitution. Would not following the law have provided Gore a victory before all this?
Are the Headline Writers taking orders from Condalisa Rice?
Florida Black Ballots Affected Most in 2000(Wash Post)
MATT DRUDGE // Gore Won Election
First, They Stole the Election -Now, They Are Stealing the Truth
Everybody knows Al Gore won Florida
Al Gore might have prevailed in statewide tally of Florida votes (Wash Post Wimps)
Media Cover-up of Gore Victory
Recounting That Recount
Recount shows Gore had won (UK)
Media suppress the news that Bush lost election to Gore (Australia)
Justice O'Connor Upset When Seemed Gore Won (Reuters)
What the NORC Data Will Show -by Paul Lukasiak
Reason to Impeach the Partisan 5 Supreme Court Justices

Some Taliban History

December 14 1997 Oil barons court Taliban in Texas
19 November 1997 Battalion of women 'to pluck the Taliban's beards'
12 November 1997 Taliban tries to starve its tribal enemy
25 July 1997 Oil boom slips from Russia's grip
1 June 1997 Taliban swallow pride and ask Pakistan to help
11 October 1996 Warring nation holds key to oil riches of Central Asia

Northern Alliance

-November 16 Concern Over Afghan Massacre Reports
-Nov 15 Victorious N.Alliance says: "We don't want your peacekeepers"
If, you thought "Yay Northern Alliance!" as a knee-jerk reaction to anything that can stand up to the Taliban, read this article in the UK Times, and think again. This story relates to violence in past conflicts. Facts are hard to attain in Corporate Controlled US Networks, however reports from the BBC have filtered thru: in Kabul, it was refreshing to see celebration as the Northern Alliance breezed in. Women, no longer afraid to show their faces, and walk the streets: men allowed to shave their faces, if they want. I can NOT stress hard enough,tho, that the restoration of a Democracy to Afghanistan, must incorporate RAWA ( -Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan ). These women are leaders, civil servants, and offer the greatest potential for a REAL Democracy. Women were 1/2 of Afghan's work force before 1996, when the Taliban, effectively placed all women under house arrest. War crimes have been committed by some from many factions. *Without input from RAWA Women &sharing leadership, violence and disorder will rule Afghanistan. "Both the Taleban forces and those opposed to them have been responsible for grave abuses including indiscriminate killings of civilians and ethnically targeted killings," -Amnesty International
*see alsoBBC | US allies tighten grip on Kabul
Old freedoms return: -Residents of Kabul said music - banned by the Taleban - was broadcast on Kabul radio for the first time in five years. -"You can celebrate this great victory," a female announcer told residents - another novelty in a city where women have been banned from most work and education since 1996. -And men have been queuing at barbers' shops to have their beards shaved off - another gesture of freedom from the strict Taleban interpretation of Islam.
Kabul calm after Taleban retreat
Shops in Kabul are reopening and life is getting back to normal. Streets are full of people and the bazaars are busy once more. Music shops are blaring out music that was banned as un-Islamic under Taleban rule.
Pakistan Journalist's Interview with Osama Bin Laden
*Altho the UK's Telegraph Article is titled "Yes, I Did It", US State Dept. Officials have stated "It doesn't go quite that far"(referring to Osama's statements, and latest video aired by Al Jezeera TV)
Cartoon (Powell/Dubya/Bin Laden Flash Movie)

-In the US Consent of Governed no longer applies
America under siege
When Bush finally signed the ridiculously named PATRIOT ("Provide Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism") Act, 2001, he surrendered the most vital component of the "American way of life" the whole world looked up to.
Police State
This criticism/expose of the destruction of civil liberty in America may surprise you: it is from "Insight Magazine" published by the Washington Times

Remarks by President William Jefferson Clinton/Nov 7 -Georgetown U.
VIEW -Real Player 56k | 100k -Windows Media 56k | 100k
"...freedom to celebrate our differences...Martin Luther King was killed... trying to preach this message...Bobby Kennedy killed...trying to preach this message...Ghandi killed.. by a Hindu who thought he was a traitor...Sadat the predecessor of the number two guy in Al Quaeda..-(for)believing as he did in secular government and peace with Israel...Yitzhak Rabin killed..because he wanted peace and a homeland for the terrorist campaign has ever succeeded, and this one won't if you don't give it permission..."

Reality Check: Altho hatred is NOT a tenet of REAL Islam, if you look to the "Dark Ages", religion in the world dominated politics. Today, regimes, such as in Saudi Arabia, condone and support a warped "fundamentalist islam"(small "i" intended) which preaches hatred for "all things western" to children, in school. This is a main "Artful Deception" in the Arab World, that deflects dissent against Arab Governments, towards the West. (-We maintain a "friendly relationship with the Saudi Government, primarily because of dependency on Saudi Oil). The tragedy above all is: it is time for the "Oil Era" to end, and for Alternative Technologies to compete with the need for Oil. *This will not occur while the "Oil Mafia" has command of the White House. -for a clear perspective on what the Oil Companies want with Afghanistan, -see * TESTIMONY BY JOHN J. MARESCA to HOUSE COMMITTEE ON INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS, FEBRUARY 12, 1998
***"Sadly, there is NOT ONE Muslim nation that is even close to a Democracy. Not one. Not even close. The Islam religion has become a synonym for oppressive governments that range from absence of civil liberties and other basic freedoms right on up to terroristic and genocidal regimes that massacre their own (Muslim and otherwise) citizens under the guise of "ethnic" wars or in order to keep the "religion" ure." ~//~ -We can surely be thankful that in the US, "fundamentalist" preachers such as Jerry Falwell, and Pat Robertson, and the new National Reform Association (NRA), a Pittsburgh, PA based "christian" Reconstructionist organization(-not disssimilar to Osama Bin Laden), who have inspired US Domestic Terrorists( ie: the so-called "Army of God" who have sent scores of anthrax threats to abortion clinic workers, and others who have murdered American Personell, and bombed clinics ) have NOT been able to complete their goals in US Politics.

Nazis tied to anthrax attacks
"..FBI sources see links between Hezbollah, fugitive Germans.." (experts also suspect US "backwoods militias" and Chemical Cos. such as Bioport and Bayer)
This too is Terrorism
171 white powder-laden letters were sent to Planned Parenthood clinics during just 10 days in October, -the nation's chief law enforcer hasn't uttered a word of condemnation

The Robber Barons Are Back!
This attack on America could not have happened at a worse time. We are already struggling with the loss of Democracy after the partisan Supreme Court Decisions.( stopping the count in Fla. ) which facilitated the theft of our election. The artful deceptions of the usual GOP suspects, -corporate welfare, and war profiteering under the guise of "Ecomomic Stimulus", -coupled with the "Oil Buddies" controlling OUR White House, and the attack on our Constitutional Rights under the guise of "Security" are cause for the gravest concern. We will never forget the victims of Sept 11 Attacks on American Citizens: -but the request by many victim's families has been aired: they do NOT want to create any more victims as a response to their tragedy, yet bombing will cause more victims, and grief to more innocents. Meanwhile, the plans to rape our economy have been issued a "golden opportunity". While we have many American Soldier Heroes willing to "get in there", and get Bin Laden, and cohorts, to bring them to justice, the Military Actions thusfar seem very compatible with the wishes of Oil Interests to created a dominating, lasting "friendly" Military Presence for Oil Exploitation(they have been after that "pipeline deal" in Afghanistan, for years). On the home front, a handful of Anthrax cases is "All the News": -experts, worldwide agree that it is likely a US Source, US "backwoods militias" are chief suspects for this strain, but established Drug Companies are not above suspicion either: meanwhile Flu will kill 10,000 people this year.

Spare Us Idiot Tax Cuts -by Molly Ivins
"I don't see how we can call the House "economic stimulus" package anything but war-profiteering. The bill is a disgrace, and the usual suspects from Texas — Tom Delay and Dick Armey — hold large responsibility for it..."
War Profiteers
Urgent Alert: Stop Corporate Raid on Treasury

Democrats Sweep Election 2001 Nationwide

~ Same Article Here~
...FBI and military intelligence officials in Washington say they were prevented for political reasons from carrying out full investigations into members of the Bin Laden family in the US before the terrorist attacks...

The Greatest Sedition is Silence

Photos From Afghanistan -"accidental injuries"(various journalists)


ANDY ROONEY: Follow what leader?


11-3 Osama's Latest Diatribe

Probe links WTC, Kandahar hijacks

11/1/01 -Gephardt Statement on Airline Security Bill

The Bush Era: Secrecy

Bush's New Era Of Secrecy: "a disaster for history" (AP)
If it is removed, get it - Here
A Veto Over Presidential Papers
Bush Order blocks the 1978 Presidential Records Act
Historians suspect the White House is worried about what the Reagan papers might reveal about officials now working for President Bush who also worked for Reagan. Further, the Bush Order would give Bush Senior the option to withhold his papers.
-Oct 31 There is no war on terrorism -by John Pilger
Out of 30 countries surveyed by Gallup International, only in Israel and the United States does a majority of people agree that military attacks are preferable to pursuing justice non-violently through international law

U.S. media losing hearts, minds in the battle of the air waves

Global Eye -- Constant Craving
Emmanuel "Toto" Constant, leader of the Haitian death squad FRAPH, has been in the United States for seven years, tenderly sheltered by the CIA even after his conviction on mass murder charges

Police wronged the protesters Series
If anything, the people who should have been hauled away as public nuisances were the Bush supporters who surrounded and taunted the protesters to deny them their right of peaceful assembly and freedom of speech.

Operation Enduring Avarice -by Arianna Huffington -More

Questioning authority is still essential

BIDEN | His Full Remarks For Which Hastert Attacked Him

The Economic Stimulus Package
*Sen. Kennedy explains how the version presented by the House fails all 4 requirements to stimulate the economy, is really a "grab bag", and will not stimulate anything but wealthiest bank accounts

U N set to appeal for halt in the bombing
Aid Officials say that 7.5 million Afghans face starvation

CNN Chief Orders 'Balance' in War News

The High, Hidden Cost of Saudi Arabian Oil

10-16 Osama Was Here

The CIA's Wall Street connections

Bush's Double Standard(CNN)

'100% Chance Of Bio Attack In The US'
*Admiral Crowe, ex Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff('85-'89) is 13% owner of Bioport, who has exclusive license for Anthrax Vaccine. " Admiral Crowe is also an advisor to Global Options LLC, "an international crisis management firm based in Washington". Their web site ( contains the slogan, "The Corporate Equalizer". Also on the advisory board for Global Options is former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, R. James Woolsey.

Oct 27-Washington Post FBI - CIA Suspect US Extremists in Anthrax Attacks
* See more under "On Chemical Biological Weapons" below. We also suspect Bayer and Bioport Companies, obvious "insiders" for profit

Intelligence Info:

DEBKAfile, Political Analysis, Espionage, Terrorism Security

CIA -- The World Factbook 2000 -- Afghanistan
( detailed logistics * use the links to check on anywhere in the world )

Secret C.I.A. Site in New York Was Destroyed on Sept. 11(NY Times)

Destabilized Pakistan Could Let Terrorists Grab Nuclear Arms

Indy Media Center

Energy Politics In The Caspian And Russia( Radio Free Europe )

The Death of Abdul Haq | The Final Journey of the Afghan Lion
*This is one man who was integral for the future of an alliance that would ferment REAL Democracy in Afghanistan(along with the exiled King, and RAWA -see "Muslim Women Rising" below)

Bin Laden underwent treatment in July at Dubai American Hospital
-and recieves visit from Dubai's local CIA Representative!
Story in French(-LEFIGARO)
If Yahoo News removes it, find it Here
2 hrs later/Denial of above story
Related Stories: US 'planned attack on Taleban' in July ...Threat of US strikes passed to Taliban weeks before NY attack ...The Counterterrorist Myth ( A former CIA operative explains why the terrorist Usama bin Ladin has little to fear from American intelligence )

FBI Will Check ALL Emails(they hope)/Rewire Internet
-Oct 25 -On The Anti-Terrorism Bill
Statement Of U.S. Senator Russ Feingold | From The Senate Floor
Final Bill Synopsis by CDT
Legislation Gutting Privacy Standards Passes Congress; Several Provisions Survive Sunset
Final Version of the USA Act [Anti-Terrorism Bill (HR 3162)
The Oil Mafia's Coup D'Etat, that began with stealing Election 2000, is ever more complete with devastation to our Bill Of Rights, particularly, Amendments IV and V

5 Israelis Still Held In New York

Satellite Photos of Osama Bin Ladin & Taliban Lairs
After listening to United Nations representatives from several nations recently, it has become apparant to some, that the Taliban is a direct result of Pakistan generated influence and expansionism; hence the disageement, now within Pakistan on support for the US operations against the Taliban.

Taliban build base inside Pakistan

Al-Qaeda terrorist duped FBI, Army

"National Security" Toll on Freedom of Expression-Websites Shut Down!

FLYER S -1. -US dropped over Afghanistan: -2. -that could be dropped over US(pdf file )
-from the author of "Rogue State" -Bill Blum

* One Jesuit Scholar intimated that Jesus(E Su'), during the "lost years" was with the Sufis,(for lack of reference, not dissimilar to Franciscan Monks, and very mystic). -Ignorance is unproductive, so if you are NOT at all familiar with Islam, please read Dr. Merideth Springer's brief overview of Islam: and to see some beauty of Muslim Culture, read Sufi Stories, Muslim saints and sufis in India, & Mahomet And His Successors

"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. Hate multiplies hate, violence multiplies violence, and toughness multiplies toughness in a descending spiral of destruction....The chain reaction of evil--hate begetting hate, wars producing more wars--must be broken, or we shall be plunged into the dark abyss of annihilation." -Martin Luther King, Jr., Strength To Love, 1963.

"You will know them by their works, and NOT their words...put away your weapon...they that live by the sword die by the sword...blessed are the unto others as you would have them do...bless those that curse thy neighbor as thy self...fear not...abide in LOVE...God is love...All men are brothers" -Christ

"I don't think it's patriotic to keep our mouths shut. Bush is incompetent. He should resign." -Bevin

Editor to Begin Federal Jail Sentence

** In the "propoganda war" -" AOL's version 5.0 software was tested by CNET News. Over several days, CNET monitored more than 100 political sites in the "kids only" mode. They found that AOL's filters consistently allowed children to view conservative political sites (for example, the National Rifle Association) but filtered out liberal and Democratic online locations, including the site of the Democratic National Committee...." -from "Censored 2001" by Peter Phillips

1. While Bush has already received a "Blank Check" on his "war on terrorism"; when you consider that he is surrounded by those who helped steal the election, how can we trust that this is be on the "up and up"? Agreed, that we want to get the Criminals responsible for the Sept 11 Attacks, but we also want equal justice for Abortion Clinic Bombers, and murderers of employees that work at them. 2. Essentially, everyone acknowledges that Bush doesn't have to be capable of managing the administration, -as long as he has "capable people" around him: the problem is, that many of these "insiders" are motivated for profit.(ie, Bush Senior, ex Secs. Baker, & Carlucci with Carlyle Group -ex Joint Chiefs of Staff Chair Crowe with Bioport. The list goes on and on. Further, you have Tom Ridge, a veteran of the CIA's infamous Phoenix Program(story below) as Director of Homeland Security. It would be easier to trust, if Bush had picked more "unimpeachable" designates for us. Do Bush and his "Oil Buddies" want a REAL Democracy in Afghanistan, or just "friendly military presence" for Oil and Mineral Exploitation?

* Since the GOP House Majority pushed thru the "1996 Telecommunications Act"; -control of commercial News Media in the US has shrunk to scarcely a handful of Corporations: -if you are depending on your "TV News" for info, you are getting only partial news: fortunately there are Columnists and editors who still exhibit the strength of a "our free press", ie Maureen Dowd's "Can Bush Bushkazi?(NY Times), also Here (same article w/out NY Times "sign in" at "Truthout"). -More "Op-Eds" at NY Times Here. * -We have entered a new "McCarthyism": these corporations, and the administration are very "Pro-Censorship".

Question:Since the strain of Anthrax is suseptible to many Generic Antibiotics( including Penicillin and Tetracyclene ) Why the push for expensive Cipro? Federal Officials declaring the ultimatum to Bayer( Cipro's Maufacturer ) that they reduce the pills to under $1, or face authorization for Generic Manufacture, seems to be an "artful deception". It should be reduced to, say, $.20, considering the mega-profits involved with the Feds promoting it. It pays to have connections, doesn't it? Shouldn't the FBI be investigating Bayer, along with US "Backwoods Militias", given that the finger continues to point to a Us Source?
Bayer Halves Price for Cipro, but Rivals Offer Drugs Free
While Bayer nearly halved its previous price, three big pharmaceutical companies have since stepped forward to offer large quantities of their antibiotics free if the Food and Drug Administration will approve their use for the treatment of anthrax.
Something "evil" this way comes
Urge participation of citizens in homeland defense initiatives! Urge distinctions be made between U.S. violent terrorist groups and nonviolent peace and civil rights activist groups! Urge amendments to "anti-terrorist" law to protect civil rights and peace activist individuals and groups, and those who criticize leaders!

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